Executive advisory

We guide your firm to fit technology
to your business purpose.

Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA)

Is a cloud solution for infrastructure, storage, ERP, shipping, security, etc. right for your business? Although it is very popular to “go to the cloud” for everything, the correct answer is not always. Our executive advisory team of ex-CIO and finance leaders will help you assess your current situation and fit technology specifically to business needs. The answer may be a hybrid solution, staying “on-premise”, or pure cloud. We will guide you and help you execute a plan that fits your needs.

Intelligent ERP Planning - Process | Data | Productivity (PDP)

We guide you to Fit Technology to Your Business Purpose. We utilize your firm’s business processes, master data, and management reports as a competitive advantage, and to choose a software solution that presents the best fit. This program streamlines the ERP marketing discussion(s) to facts that enable your specific business, and it also identifies gaps that lead to cost overruns and/or ERP failure. As a bonus, it also prepares your internal team for the rigors of implementation and the organizational discipline necessary to achieve success.


We start the PDP by capturing and visualizing your end-to-end business processes with an eye towards improvement


Next, we focus on the information that "feeds" your business system. This data is commonly referred to as "master data," and it must be accurate to realize the true business benefit from your new PDP plan. Lack of accurate master data is consistently listed as one of the top three reasons for ERP failure.


The last stage of the PDP plan is called productivity. This involves capturing all current and must-have reports/dashboards that you use to run the business. It also captures and highlights all the interfaces and forms (i.e. invoices, purchase orders, etc.) you will need to change in a new ERP system. Forms and interfaces are also listed as a top reason for ERP failure.

ERP Modernization

Is your legacy system holding you back? Have you made the decision to modernize to a Cloud ERP system? You don’t have to take this journey alone. Work with IT GuidePoint to Plan your Path forward.

Our methodology guides you to utilize your firm’s processes, master data and reports as a competitive advantage, and to choose a software package that presents the best fit. This program streamlines the ERP sales discussion to facts that enable your specific business and identifies gaps that generally lead to cost overruns and/or ERP failure. It also prepares your internal team for the rigors of implementation and the discipline necessary to achieve success.

ERP Rescue

Sometimes ERP implementations get off target. IT GuidePoint understands how to get your ERP implementation back on track. We start with a concentrated intelligent ERP plan called Process | Data | Productivity (PDP) and then we create a prioritized list of corrective actions to gain control of the initiative. These action items are anchored to your goals, timeline, and budget.

We understand that ERP failure can be stressful, so we provide you with a process and a plan to get back on track.

Why call IT GuidePoint for ERP services?

Your ERP is limiting your growth

You have outgrown your current suite of fragmented business applications. Manual efforts and excel spreadsheets have become some of your most critical applications, not true ERP. This legacy system has created data silos, and getting accurate reports, managing pricing, and shipping is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Call us at (800) 318-5670 to discuss.

ERP audit and Rescue

Our clients are C-level executives that are walking into or need to address an ERP environment with challenges. We can quickly identify gaps/issues that are limiting revenue and profit. We help you select/prioritize these gaps, bring teams together, and see a holistic view of business operations. Executives call us to rapidly deliver tangible information on which to make decisions. Call us at (800) 518-3760 to discuss.

If you are currently experiencing either one of these scenarios, our business management consultants can help you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

"If you are looking at ERP, call IT GuidePoint first"