Develop an effective ERP plan

Get invaluable business advice from IT GuidePoint's ERP experts

Manufacturing and Distribution executives throughout the Midwest rely on IT GuidePoint to advise them. To begin, we'll utilize a highly effective methodology called Process | Data | Productivity (PDP) to fully document and inspect your:


We start the PDP by capturing and visualizing your end-to-end business processes with an eye towards improvement


Next, we focus on the information that "feeds" your business system. This data is commonly referred to as "master data," and it must be accurate to realize the true business benefit from your new PDP plan. Lack of accurate master data is consistently listed as one of the top three reasons for ERP failure.


The last stage of the PDP plan is called productivity. This involves capturing all current and must-have reports/dashboards that you use to run the business. It also captures and highlights all the interfaces and forms (i.e. invoices, purchase orders, etc.) you will need to change in a new ERP system. Forms and interfaces are also listed as a top reason for ERP failure.

In closing, the PDP process captures what makes your firm unique and guides our clients through all the tasks that need to be completed prior to "fitting" ERP packages to your business (commonly referred to as a software selection) Once we've finished, you'll feel confident in your ability to fit software that meets your business needs.

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