Learn Why We're A Great Fit

IT GuidePoint is a client focused, full-service I.T. consulting firm that believes that technology should fit your business purpose. Our focus is mid-market companies and divisions of much larger firms that are underserved by global consultancies. We provide experienced consultants for process documentation, business intelligence, programming, testing, CRM, ERP, and even recruiting for that hard-to-find resource. Our Executive Advisory team focuses on your mission critical ERP, e-commerce, and Cloud decisions utilizing our proprietary Processes | Data | Productivity (PDP) methodology. We use your firm’s processes, data, and reports as a competitive advantage to choose a technology solution that presents the best fit. We start this initiative by documenting and visualizing to end-to-end business processes. This approach streamlines the ERP sales discussion to facts that enable a solution to your business needs and identifies gaps that lead to cost overruns and/or ERP failure. It also prepares your internal team for the rigors of a technology implementation project and the discipline necessary to achieve success. But here’s the best part: IT GuidePoint isn’t some off-shore, giant city company; IT GuidePoint proudly provides knowledgeable on-shore consultants to enable the success of your initiative. We are “I.T.” Guides that are available to assist you with any project, large or small.



We are a client-focused consultancy, which means that we always act in your best interests and deliver solutions that make your business thrive and survive. We are experts at mentoring your existing staff and helping them adopt new technologies. We have a 100% client satisfaction rate and executive references that will help you decide whether we are a good fit for your initiative.

Clear and Concise Communication

We transform project meetings into effective tools for your ERP success. Every IT GuidePoint meeting starts with the business purpose, the mutual benefit to all parties in the meeting, and a check in to ensure each participant is in agreement. This keeps meetings tightly focused on project goals and limits cross-pollination of topics.


We are passionate about delivering effective solutions for our clients. This means working long hours and accommodating numerous time-zones/schedules to achieve success. Our dedication to effective planning and communication inspires and assists our clients to achieve project success.

Use A proven methodology

We apply a proven ERP planning and rescue methodology called Process | Data | Productivity (PDP) Our customers call IT GuidePoint to help them plan before they select and implement ERP, while others call to rescue a current ERP implementation. In this case, IT GuidePoint understands how to quickly get your ERP implementation back on track. We start with a concentrated intelligent ERP plan called Process | Data | Productivity (PDP) and then we create a prioritized, executive-approved list of corrective actions we will take (by date) to gain control of the initiative. These actions are anchored to your executive’s goals and budget.