IT GuidePoint



Our clients are 100% willing to refer IT GuidePoint to a friend or colleague based on quality of service and attention to detail. We have a 5/5 client satisfaction rating. Source: Clutch 2022 review.

Concise Communications

We transform project meetings into effective tools for project success. Every IT GuidePoint meeting starts with the business purpose, the mutual benefit to all participants, and a “check-in” to ensure each participant is in agreement. This keeps meetings tightly focused on project goals and your budget.


We are passionate about delivering effective solutions for our clients. This means working long hours and accommodating numerous time-zones/schedules to achieve success. Our dedication to effective planning and communication inspires and assists our clients to achieve project success.

proven methodology

We apply a proven planning and rescue methodology called Process|Data|Productivity or PDP for short. Our customers call IT GuidePoint to help them plan before they select and implement ERP, while others call to rescue a current ERP implementation. In this case, IT GuidePoint understands how to quickly get your ERP implementation back on track. We start with a concentrated intelligent ERP plan called the PDP and then we create a prioritized, executive-approved list of corrective actions we will take (by date) to gain control of the initiative. These actions are anchored to your executive’s goals and budget.